When I really was a mama to littles, the internet didn’t exist, blogging didn’t exist, instant access to e-books didn’t exist… good lord, how did we survive?

But now my littles are 36 and 41, and I’m a grandma. (Funny, I hadn’t thought that would be such a big deal to me, which you can read about here.) And amazingly enough I’m a grandma (along with a “Poppy”) that gets to be a half-time care-giver while our daughter and her hubby work. (The littles’ other grandparents are lucky enough to be the care-givers the other half of the time.)

As I said, the world has changed since I was a mom of little ones, and I find myself reading lots of mommy-blogs. And I get a lot out of them. But let’s face it, an awful lot of what might be relevant to a 20- or 30-something mom fits into the “not-so-much” category for a 50- or 60- (or 70-?) something grandparent.

So…The-Grandma-Blog was born. Tales of our own grandparenting, tips and tricks, funny stories, great products to buy (or maybe even some to stay away from), recipes and meal tips, family challenges (like caring for your own parents at the same time you’re caring for grandchildren), and pictures of course! (Because, let’s face it, what grandma doesn’t want to show off pictures of her grandkids!)

And grandpas, you’re welcome too! Don’t be shy about coming around reading and commenting. We’re all in this together!

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