We’re all searching for the best products for our families—the ones that give good value, provide great entertainment or education (ideally both!), and make life a little easier. From time to time, as I come across products that I love, I’ll feature them here. You can either click on the links below or use the drop-down menu at the top of the page to get to the individual product pages here on this site or just click the “Buy Now” button to go straight to Amazon or the product’s website.

Important information: Product links on this page (and throughout this site) might be affiliate links which means that if you purchase the item through the link, I get a small commission. It costs you no extra and helps support this blog. To read more, see the further discussion below the products.

Now, enough about that. Read on for some cool products I enjoy and recommend.

  • So cool magnetic tiles We got Avila these magnetic tiles for Christmas this past year and she LOVES them! The only problem is that they’re so fun to play with, you want more and more tiles so you can build more and more things. We plan to add sets as we go along and ... Keep reading!
  • Green grass countertop drying rack I confess that I stumbled across this little gem pretty much by accident. I was buying something (I don’t even remember now what) on Amazon that was one of those “add-on” items where the shipping is free IF the total order is over $25. Although it seems I do very ... Keep reading!

We’ve been working to teach Avila that being sneaky is not good. This is complicated by the fact that, of course, with little people there will occasionally be great fun to be had in, say, sneaking up on Poppy to surprise him, or something like that. So that leads to the complicated issues of pretend sneaky which can be good clean fun vs. actual real-life sneaky, which is neither good nor fun.

That said,  you can tell I’m not a fan of “sneaky” so it’s important that you know right upfront that many of the product links in this site (especially those that go to Amazon) are “affiliate” links and if you click that link and then buy something, I will get a very small commission. I NEVER link to products that I don’t use and love (or if it’s something I haven’t yet used and am merely lusting after, that will be very clear from what I write about it) and the product costs you nothing extra and the income to me helps support this blog. Strikes me as a win-win, but clearly if somehow that bothers you, feel free to go to Amazon (or wherever) all on your own to check out the products I recommend. Although frankly that strikes me as a little sneaky, but I’m not the boss of you, as the kids would say!

And also, just to be super clear on the sneakiness front, the FTC actually requires a disclosure like this one, but hey, I’d do it anyway, you know. ‘Cause I’m not a fan of the sneaky.