Even as our children grew into adults and it seemed reasonable to imagine that they, themselves, would be parents someday, I never thought much about being a grandma. I had nothing against it; it just wasn’t really on my radar screen. I described it more in this post.

But once I actually did become a grandma, I found it to be pretty amazing. Amazing enough that my husband and I decided to move back to the states from Costa Rica where we’d been living for the previous 5 years. We did a lot of talking and thinking and more talking and just decided we didn’t want to be “once-a-year-visit” grandparents and unlike some — probably many!— folks, we had the flexibility to decide where to live.

So we left our mountainside tropical home, with its waterfalls, toucans, monkeys, ocean view, and good friend neighbors and moved to the Salt Lake City, area. And we’ve been SO glad we did!

Always an avid reader (and writer), grandma-hood turned me on to a whole “class” of blogs — the so-called mommy blogs. Since we actually spend a substantial amount of time (around 30+ hours a week) taking care of our little ones, sharing the “day-care” duties with the other set of grandparents, the practical tips in some of those mommy blogs were of real interest.

But at the same time, many things just weren’t very relevant or of much interest. Hence The-Grandma-Blog was born — “a mommy blog for grandmas” as I think of it (grandpas too!) where we can share helpful tips, funny stories, and some inside tips for products we’ve found that really work.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading along as we help our kids to grown their own children!