I confess that I stumbled across this little gem pretty much by accident. I was buying something (I don’t even remember now what) on Amazon that was one of those “add-on” items where the shipping is free IF the total order is over $25. Although it seems I do very little shopping “out in the world” I feel like there is ALWAYS something I need from Amazon, so I tried to think of what I could buy so that I could get my add-on item shipped to me.

We knew we would soon be taking care of little Henry when Mama went back to work, so I was thinking of things we might need for that. Going down the Amazon rabbit-hole of “customers who bought this also bought this other thing…” I found this Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack. We have a normal dish-drying rack, but it has a strange tendency not to be as clean as you’d like for items for a little-bitty baby (don’t ask, it’s a mystery to me, too) so this item caught my eye.

Click this pic to see a much larger image!

I must say we actually love it. It keeps Henry’s bottles and nipples from disappearing in our large, often cluttered dish drain, making it easy to grab what you need when you need it — especially important when the little guy is suddenly hungry and wants to eat RIGHT NOW. Yes, it takes up space on the counter, but not so much that it seems in the way. And we’ve recently discovered that — as an added bonus — we can use it to stand Avila’s paintings up in which makes her very happy. (And yes, if you think that a piece of paper is incompatible with wet items, you’d be a little bit right. But we’ve discovered that they share the space far better than you’d think, so yay for us and a little thinking outside the box!)

As always, if you use one of these (or have questions) please do leave a comment!

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